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Dodane dnia 11-10-2017 23:40
Ir17;m going to university next month and will be living in halls of residence. Ir17;ve read you need a TV licence to watch BBC iPlayer. Is this correct,?and is there any way I can avoid the cost?
TM, via email
Thousands of students will be heading off to university in September so you will be far from the only one thinking about this. If you are watching TV without a licence you can open yourself up to a large fine,cheap jordans online, so it's worth making sure you are covered.
What does a TV licence cover?
It used to be the case that you only needed a TV licence if you planned to watch any sort of live TV. The rules changed last year meaning you must also have a TV licence to watch or download shows on-demand on BBC iPlayer, no matter what device you are watching it on.
There are some instances where you wonr17;t have to pay. You do not need to be covered by a TV licence if you only watch shows on-demand on streaming services other than BBC iPlayer, for example All4,,cheap air jordans, ITV hub?or Channel 5 Player.
Will I be covered by my parents' licence,cheap wholesale jordans?
It is also worth checking whether you are covered by your parentsr17; TV licence. As long as your parentsr17; address - this must be your r0;out-of-termr1; address - is covered by a TV licence you will be able to watch BBC shows on-demand on iPlayer. This rule does not cover you to watch live programmes, and your TV equipment must not be connected to an aerial OR plugged into the mains.

How much of a pay rise should a manager in a small sales company in Bolton receive this year?

Unless you own such a company,cheap jordans, have reviewed the employeer17;s performance,cheap retro jordans, know the businessr17;s competitors,cheap jordan shoes, and have assessed local market trends, I suspect few of us would feel comfortable making that judgment.

Yet when it comes to government-run services, everyone seems to know?the pay rise nurses,, teachers and civil servants across the country r0;deserver1;. Bolton to London, Derby to Chester r11; we are all experts in their labour markets.

The Labour Party demands pay be raised across the whole public sector. Some Conservatives, led by Michael Gove and Boris Johnson, similarly advocate loosening the current public sector pay cap,,jordan shoes, which has restricted public sector pay to 1pc annual increases since 2013. Other Conservative MPs have equal certainty about keeping the cap,, claiming any loosening is unaffordable....
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